Ender's Game (2013)

16 Jan 2014

incorrect physics/sciences/engr

cliché message

expected outcome
unacceptable suspense (developments predicted too early)
some characters lacking development

intense action

untraceable (natural) acting


The premise of the storyline is so cliched and irresponsible. Ignoring the countless arguments against such possiblilities, the writer(s) simply chose to use “brutal alien invasion with no reason” to start the plot propagation.

Early on in the movie the lietunant or whatever said that “a brilliant commander is the ONLY thing that saved us.” As a fellow disciple in the STEM major, I feel so deeply cheated and disappointed. For god’s sake you were fucking using jet propulsion aircraft and rockets! And to see what such emphasis had done to the society, look no further than the medical procedure of plucking a fucking cubic inch sized metal with wires intruding deep in the brain and spine with brute fucking force. Furthermore, what a jet fighter can do that a missle can’t? if you are going to say human judgement and skills, where the fuck is the UAVs? clearly that should be the emphasis then physically training kids that don’t even know what life is about. And how the fuck do you simulate earth surface gravity in space without motion (acceleration)?

How much money is this battle school system going to cost? it’s like a fucking zoo in space. full of human idiots for your viewing pleasure

this is such a shit movie. the only good thing about it is that it makes me want to watch full metal jacket again.

the fucking spacecraft is a more shitty and militant totalitarian pyrimid scheme than soviet union.

the advice this punk ass “genius” Ender gave to the “bandeho” Bonzo is too bad for a leader to be funny. A leader can lose an argument (when properly posed, and logically presented, possibly reaching concensus) but a leader cannot simply change their mind on the next day without giving any good reason. (or maybe he is trying to give bad advice to outsmart him)

why is Bonzo brining other people to witness such an act of honor-less retaliation? is giving us counterexamples in leadership his role’s sole purpose?

it’s too fucking obvious that the simulation is real. First the title is ender’s game. second it was so far into the movie. third if you have a simulation that can mimic reality so well (in the sense that they are confident about such a model) you have fucking won the war. For the same reason that our supposedly smartass like ender should have figured out that it can’t be the maori guy, as if the maori guy knows so well and plays so well, why do they emphasize on needing him? Also how many fucking bullshit science gun did they lost in reality?

there was no character development of any kind to the token black dude and he just fucking smiles and later wish good luck at the kid while our last encouter he yell the hell out with no respect? (in retrospect maybe another unnecessary hint on the seriousness of the “simulation”.)

“hey, so there’s a bunch of aliens trying to invade us. what should we do?”
“where do they come from?”
“they seems to be from this planet that they called home.”
“why don’t we just blow up that planet?”
“no shit, smartass! As a 50 year old I couldn’t think of that for the life of me.”
All in all I do not see him as a military necessity in this whole process.

And a fucking enemy queen (and queen baby) lives literally in the building/structure right next to a military base without being discovered. You can do better uncle sam.

The queen wasted his fucking time trying to connect to this punk kid (presumably previous commanders as well) through some magical video game telepathy when he could of (tried) to communicate with everybody else.