The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

26 Jan 2014

fresh perspective
cliché message

immersive atmosphere

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

intense action
realistic effects

untraceable (natural) acting

Very solid thriller. However, one thing that I absolutely hated is the utterly unprofessional behaviour of Starling near the very end of the film. The hint given to her was plenty(rendering the house switching suspense useless for me): she know that the killer knew the first victim, the BFF of first victim does not recall anyone else relevant other than doing sewing jobs with this old lady, old lady is dead and a man opens the door and act all apethetic and unknowning (even with her showing the badge) exactly before she divulges on the specifics of her appearance (mention of the case etc.). Either way, when she did realize in the film, there were many possible lines of action that she could of take instead of the clumsy pulling out a gun and yelling freeze shit: first of all, we all know he’s extremely dangerous, and the fact that she was doing very well in training leave me to believe that she could of at least fire a shot aiming as the suspect’s leg during his turning. Now of course it might still not hit but she should’ve still tried. Second of all, after the suspect disappear from line of sight, she SHOULD back away and call HELP (and then pursue if she really want to)!!! First rule in fighting crime, share information!!! The only reason that the authorities can ever succeed in finding smart criminals is because authorities can sustain collaborations in grand scales! Anyhow, the idea of attempting to appease/rescue the kidnapped girl is ridiculous. If the killer wanted to hurt the girl, too much could’ve been done to be saved. And hurting the girl is certainly not going to be on his current agenda as he is not surrounded and does not need to threaten anyone (he ran because he thought he still had the upper hand). And I am also unhappy as Starling’s stupid action did not get punished - she can react to a safety click (why the fuck didn’t he pull the safety earlier????) but not to a crinimal hands up in the air? And not wounded at all? What a god in this plot machine!

Another annoyance was the accent. It was so strong… Most people would change their accent as they move. But I guess that would be why Hannibal said something on the lines of “proud accent of North Virginia.”

And the fact that the swat team did not realize the elevator guy could not be Hannibal is silly. But I guess I had more information on Hannibal’s personality (he would not try if he’s not 100% confident).