Days of Heaven (1978)

28 Jan 2014

fresh perspective
did not get it

excellent camera work
beautiful scenes
transcendent use of color and/or shadow

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

untraceable (natural) acting

While this film posses some good cinematography (train on the bridge, wheat waves, fire sequences), the storyline was spoiled for me and the drama is not very engaging mostly due to unrelatebleness* of the major characters other than the kid, who is not really in the story though (more like a narrator).
Also some of the voice acting/editing seems off beat and unnatural.

*for bill, it was mostly due to incompatible moral values. I can kind of see his initial motive, yet the fact that he can actually go through with the wedding make me feel cold. What’s more disturbing is his murder act. How can someone commit murder while get caught for a very unconscionable ploy? If it’s me under that situation, I would just beg for forgiveness and tell the farmer that she’s (sort of) in love with him and don’t want to hurt him and show myself out.
for the farmer, the fact that he trust a newly met woman over an elder who stood by him for years is abominable. He is just way too desparate for agreeableness and “love” and rather live in a fantasy until the last slim of hope slips away.
On a second thought, the film did portrayed him well as someone who inherited wealth without much of the hardwork. His later actions are clearly justified by his insecurity (how he’s willing to accept unreliable love then friendly criticism, and felt the need to kill Bill after the (pyscological) confirmation of his ploy).
for abby, well I would had either get the fuck out or disagree or cut the relation with bill. I would be tempted to merry a rich man, yet I would certainly steer away from unfaithfulness (she did say she’s afraid I guess). I suppose I can understand that the film is trying to portray her as passive, confused and immature.