Highest Level: Documentary on the Recording (2013)

08 Feb 2014

thought provoking thinking

fresh perspective

excellent camera work
fitting soundtrack

intense action
realistic effects
epic effects


watching 朗朗 in this music production film/video, his great optism, confidence and passion made me think maybe my deire to contribute actually “impoartant” (in a way that I interpret) work to the world is more of a form of hubris and gluttony than being responsible. Because the fact is no matter how little I think of what his accomplishing is influencing our grand antropological struggle in this universe, he is definitely make a smedge of impact. And to think that what he’s doing is not “important” or how I want to/ can be more “important” is no different than thinking I’m “better” and/or more “capable.”

it’s suprising to know how the artists can’t feel that andrenaline rush when confronted by a recorder instead of an audience. I guess I’m just inexperienced.