Duex jours, une nuit (2014)

27 Dec 2014

fresh perspective

immersive atmosphere

unexpected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)
exceptional suspense (developments not predicted)

untraceable (natural) acting


Uh-eh, she does not know how to beg. Plus if making ends meet was really the point and she really wanted that specific job, maybe she could’ve worked out how much salary she actually needs and negotiate with people by offering a bit of her salary (yes there would be complications since maybe she needs to allocate unevenly for effectiveness, but I still think as long as it is a one time thing it would work out). And why does she seem so very estranged with all her coworkers? do they not talk/have lunch together or something?

Also the management really do not seem to be promoting morale by allowing this to happen in the first place. Just like what she was afraid of, this would divide the workforce and cause unnecessary conflict (case and point, the father and son, and the semi-abused wife). And working 3 additional hours to get rid of your coworker with a raise? Hardly seems like a good deal to me.

The battle for depression going on is almost too real. I can relate to the feeling of unimportance but taking your own life with others (Kinder) depending on you is unthinkably irresponsible. Moreover the final emotional “victory” seems really easier than it should be. If she had as good of a coping mechanism, the whole plot might be avoided. (What I mean is that knowing 2 friends and 1 husband to support you fully is not enough, but 7 more practical strangers would do?)

great acting all around though.