Force Majeure (2014)

05 Jan 2015


fresh perspective
cliché message

immersive atmosphere
ethereal cinematography
beautiful scenes
fitting soundtrack

unacceptable suspense (developments predicted too early)
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

realistic effects
epic effects

untraceable (natural) acting


good acting. weird plot. As a person with reasonable (I hope) self-awareness and an introvert/semi-socialpath (who is constantly overanalyzing social situations), I couldn’t possibly understand why the husband would not realize that it’s not ideal for him to run away (which for the record I think I would not do but who knows and it was rather understandable to hide yoself first) and not apologize first AND deny it PRIVATELY as well as publicly.
But what makes this movie more of a slow torture is that the female lead acts precisely as prescribed by gender stereotype – no direct private confrontation, not express her true feeling to the ones that matter, having a complete mental breakdown with such a tiny trigger (lack of identity outside of marriage), fuck up friends’ dinner party/vacation by dumping these extremely personal issues out on them without having a good discussing privately first (those attempts do not count as she backs off herself without stating clearly that it is not over). These consistent fuck up indicates that she does not want this relationship anymore.
And then this shit husband goes to act like that’s not what happened. what the actual fuck you were like more than 10 meters away! NEXT the fucking red beard go ahead bullshit his way through with ridiculous theories WTF you are not being a bro or helping idiot! And that blonde little bitch dares to tell the red beard to stop thinking about it after grossly categorizing him without taking into account that people could change over years/an instinctual situation is much more different than a deliberate situation like a divorce (plus I am not given the back story of the divorce which means that he might chose to stop arguing for a multitude of reasons (e.g. you cannot win argueing with the GF) other than realizing he’s at fault). regardless at least they are having a (more) healthy relationship where if something bothers you, you discuss.
THE FUCK is that homoerotic party with annoying as fuck strobe light? I thought you already had the scream at the mountain top release scene. And what kind of bullshit excuse is “we were at the pool and then inside just totally did not see your calls and text in hours.”
are you faking it or a master manipulator with those abhorrent cries for help?
what’s wrong with that bus driver, is he mute? and did he just fucking left everybody? shouldn’t you wait where the road is less crazy?
by the way the soundtrack was fitting but on the too repetitive side