Laggies (2014)

06 Jan 2015

silly humor

empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective

immersive atmosphere

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

untraceable (natural) acting


As someone on IMDB brilliently pointed out, this film suffers from the exact same arrested developement as its protagnist. i.e. the ending fell short of an intelligent discussion right back to romcom formula. Ending things abruptly like that do not seem like a good choice (so does she really have 0 real friends in old life?)

And as usual, cannot understand cheating for a bit. why is being honest on big things like that so hard in movies? (well at least the dad confessed.) Hopefully I would do what I think I should do in my life.

the teenage girl were played well up to my very limited knowledge of them creatures.