Alien (1979)

10 Jan 2015


fresh perspective

immersive atmosphere
beautiful scenes
fitting soundtrack

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)
exceptional suspense (developments not predicted)

intense action
realistic effects
epic effects

untraceable (natural) acting


####before the reveal

everything in this section is an indication of the films’ overdrawn plot twist and foreshadowing.

ash is a fucking retarded asshole.

the commander dallas is emotional and unintelligent.

how the fuck can people entrust multi-i don’t know how much dollar spaceship to their command???!!!

follow the god-damn protocol and quarantine!!! why does scientists in movies have zero integrity.

and only remember to close the fucking door when finding a malicious poison alien 3 minutes into searching?

and how the fuck can the alien escape… Also do they have no video surveillance of any kind on a spaceship? VCR technology and practice of video surveillance are totally there in the 70s yet no one on the sci-fi team think of having those on spaceships? (i mean especially given the tiny number of crew and size of the ship) But wait, they have a video surveillance equipment for the ejection bay…

suddenly I feel that these actors have never walked into a real lab before… I mean maybe the practice back then is more lacklustre but the amount of malpractice is ridiculous. they have no concept of fear it seems. (or maybe did Alien contribute in development of better lab procedures?)

take off is way to slow.

the black guy and the girl is like the only people with minds.

so when ash says don’t touch it… was he thinking about the potential acid or is he retarded/evil again? I mean how much acid could come out from that little shit.

wait how the fuck is air density (you mean pressure?) sensor going to be able to differentiate between alien and non alien?????!!!!! it fucking trips when you wave yo hand in front of it, but nothing happens when you swing it around walking? are you telling me that there is absolutely no air flow in the spaceship? how do you ventilate?

and let’s just not start on how stupid it is to bring pets to space… especially cats that cannot help you do anything other than fuck shit up. and what kind of tactic is leaving one person to chase a cat alone in alien infected spaceship? where’s your protocol’s now ripley. (btw, what’s your problem with naming a female (surviving) character after yourself? are you a women trapped in man’s body?)

####after the reveal

fine you win with the military-industrial complex / capitalist conspiracy, but why you robot rape? (plus I’m pretty sure it would be a lot easier to just hire mecenaries to capture the alien… case and point this scheme cost the company the whole ship, while proper containment would be completely plausible with preparation.)

time to find the kitty since i’m leaving the spaceship.

is arthur in love with the scared female crew? so hesitant…. why repeated yell get out of the when you could start the flame thrower… pretty sure that would hurt the alien and snap her back to reality as well.

and ripley going all the way back after hearing the scream… the amount of compassion on this ship is baffling…

and when she’s finally all alone, i see a lot of staring and sneaky peaks, but no head turning and field scanning… bad survival techniques.

given my experience with this and prometheus, I am gonna go out on a limb and say that Mr. Ridley, you sir have a fetish with heroines in tidy whities.

why is the alien so dormant on the escape ship? so is it intelligent to know the ship is the only chance? and I thought its secretion was acid melting black dude before?

so what the fuck was her plan after the gas release? if she wanted to expell it out of the craft (as she got in the suit) the last scare was completely bs. just press the button already. And I’m pretty sure firing full throttle when a “perfect” organism covering half of the exhaust pipe is not a good idea.