La Muerte de un Burócrata (1966)

23 Jan 2015

silly humor
physical comedy

thought provoking thinking
empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective

immersive atmosphere
fitting soundtrack

expected outcome

dramatic acting


Near the end, the screaming face + siren noise was a really great transition.

The following rants should not apply about my final feelings of the film since I thought it is just pure satirical narrative instead of a comedy/farcical…

What is the nephew so clumsy and frightened… and how in a thousand years did you thing pushing the coffin/cadaver away is a good idea?

why so much fainting… too much of a stereotyped (western) housewife with no backbone.

the fuck if with the retarded fight! why in the hell would the driver stand aside and watch them dismantle the other light?! And just bunch each other already! No more property damage! You know someone have to fix all that! You are no true proletariat if you do not appreciate and worship work! (lol)

why in the fucking heaven would you not settle the burial shenanigans at the place that is the root of all you most trouble first before ordering undertakers and transport? do you have no sense of management?

this shit aunt knows only crying.

the comrades have some pretty racy dancing events (note from future: that’s just the cuban way)…

这家伙实在是本事不大胆子不小 you dare to fake the stamp but not the signature? it’s not like at that day and age people can go verify the signature easily; god knows how many documents does the clerk sign everyday, a such non-threatening order of post-execution exhumantion… come on, be smart! (there’s a reason why he is not the boss)

plus you really did not explain things to the bureaucrat well… you should’ve started with that he asked for an exhumation order to allow burial and he even went into a big fight about it.