The Martian (2015)

28 Dec 2015

silly humor
physical comedy

empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective

excellent camera work
immersive atmosphere
beautiful scenes

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

intense action
realistic effects

untraceable (natural) acting


finally get to see this gem.

obviously problem with the premise a bit, as the original author acknowledged long ago. but good that it was not dwelled upon too much.

the nasa director feels out of place. too very politician… Didn’t feel prof. Hans Mark is that way at all. also shouldn’t an intern be answering horrible questions?

don’t get why they are struggling on whether to tell the crew or not. as soon as they figured out mark is pretty well a.k.a. has shit loads (literally) of potatoes, unlike in Latvia, they should tell them. I mean these are astronauts, they should be able to function properly if they know their “mistake” did not cause too much harm…. it’s not like it’s day 70 and Mark’s about to starve to death and then they had to tell them.

spacecraft floating scene feels a bit unnatural. don’t know why… (maybe my brain can sense fake 0-g?)

yeah you are a bad commander/captain not because you made a difficult decision but because you can compartmentalize and focus on what’s important.

I mean duct tape is awesome and all, but I would not trust it to go 0-100% operating pressure. ‘member the difficulty when trying to tape up your helmet? also taking off your helmet that soon is definitely a bigger risk than my liking.

see that regie is all show. all the geniuses (or me, not that I am one) I know would probably try to tell the guy what he’s thinking quickly and non stop but fail due to language issues (jargons or bad representation).

1 in 20 is a pretty huge risk for a launch. I would take starving ~ a week (14/2) for a sped-up test than none. (i knew it! booooom!) Also, since I imagine it’s the loss of hydrogen/water preventing him to grow it all over again, I feel like he should be able to grow a smaller portion just to survive two weeks.

not to take the weight away but… you should be ready for dying for something bigger than you the day you start astronaut training though.

yeah isn’t it sad to need something like this for a collaboration? (yes it is.)

see I know regie is up for no good. wtf is you in the same room as the supercomputer? to fuck up the ventilation system? dude you are only communicating initial data and result with it, you are silly.

oh boy the number of people I would kill in exchange for a program to tells people some calculation is correct.

wtf regie, just show me the fucking graph/slide or draw it on a board! you go to retarded demonstrations only if normal one fails to communicate through! you are a professional talking to professionals here!

yeah you god damn coward, where are your balls that made the 19/20 odds?

um… falling into the rover through a ragged hole does not seem like a good idea… tons of alternatives with lower risk… if he did it just for the fuck of it, sure, but why the hell is the JPL(?) mock-up guy doing the same?

oh so you haven’t been doing it that way since Apollo 9… and whose fault is that? Surly you can blame chinese had inferior starting ground, less funding, and loss of some potential talents to the west due to the regime, but as a matter of protocol you could’ve published/shared it?

are you supposed/needed to be at the port before/during docking events?

nice silent long shot/cgi after docking though.

still bangable as that skeleton just because you’re a space pirate, matt damon ;) (I wonder if he changed to a female suit after that weightloss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) but sorry for being the buzzkill, your beard is not that blond

you are the first (fictional) person to be alone on Mars… but what about the first enlightened ape (that saw the monolith) for Earth? there gotta be a first assume time is treated as real numbers, right?

wait… you didn’t work through that you need to remove all that crap before you initiate the plan? what the fuck? is this a movie error or book error? you gotta give a pretty elaborate story for me to believe that you forget the MAV can’t reach a flyby orbit early on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this video conference demonstrations gotta stop man! I know it’s for movies sake but it’s very silly! I would rather have slightly less production value.

and that girl loses all my respect in that fucking kidding me bit. fail.

Also, you gotta be thinking why the fuck is the MAV equipped with all that shitload of armor anyway… for the initial landing? for a ridiculous safety factor? or just because the extra payload and crew?

yeah lady, ofc it’s not a damn thing… do you even work in space industry? it’s almost worse than a narrator even for the sake of the uninformed audience.

it’s like gravity all over again. now with a light touch of 天女散花 (the ribbon + snowy escaping air) and Wall-E.

you see… you are actually very lucky that the problems you encountered actually allowed you to work it through in human time units… the most dangerous ones happen so fast that you can’t think at all.

but you did bring back all the astronauts at the same time this time!

overall, film is not used too well to convince passing time. a novel might take days or even month, but 2 hours is too short to convey the loneliness. hell I’ve been alone for 9 days now and I was barely going crazy/just got motivation to work again 2 days ago.

and now I wonder… how many times did he fictionally jerk off during this whole ordeal…

also actually from a coldblooded perspective… how much money did he indirectly waste? It has to surpass the training of 5 astronauts since they can’t/wouldn’t go on missions anymore at least…

a side note. glad they actually found people who can speak proper mandarin.

another side note. the use of old pop songs is… not exactly a great choice. like disco in space.