Le tout nouveau testament (2015)

11 Jan 2016

physical comedy
fucking hilarious

thought provoking thinking
emotional resonance
empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective

immersive atmosphere
beautiful scenes
transcendent use of color and/or shadow

acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

untraceable (natural) acting


great concept. very good comedy. right up my valley since I believe that god (more precisely, the creator) can’t be both omnipotent and moral given the world we have. interesting argument on how everyone would go do what they want to do as soon as they realize their “death sentence.” kinda of in contrast with Madeinusa, where the realization of godlessness freed up Madeinusa to do what they want.

risking to be the PC police, dare I say there are undesirable racialism/ethonocentrism? I would’ve said nothing since being an independent film, you do have limitations on casting etc. so given “black/brown face” to be more inappropriate, having mostly white actors is fine. However, the first (if I remember correctly, only) significant role played by a black person is the prostitute. also no explaination of the whole muhammud situation (old testement is implicit with the angry god, new testement with jesus). and especially weird with the happy ending is how the god is ended up working in a “soviet” style factory in uzbecstan, and despite their “cheery” work song, their life seems quite at odds with the belgians. eurocentric much?