Spotllight (2015)

12 Aug 2016

thought provoking thinking
emotional resonance
empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective

excellent camera work
immersive atmosphere

untraceable (natural) acting
noticeable acting


AOLAnywhere: blast from the past (and great, now I just used that phrase right before 9/11 in the film. illuminati confirmed)

This story surly instill some fear in me after John Oliver brought me attention of the importance and disappearence of good local newspapers in the USA.

To forget is to sin (鲁迅 hits again).

I wonder if the insiders (settlement lawyers) really come around that quickly IRL? I suppose success really do positively correlate with the ability to compartmentalize and to rationalize. these people are truly the grass on the wall, rationalize their own inaction based on excuses of “oh I submitted them to the paper. did not turn out to be a big story? welp I tried my life continues.”

Although they are still a “minority” (of ~250 out of all the Boston priests? and apparently similar enough with the 6% number in general population?), sexually abused minor truly acted like what Nixon said of the “silent majority.” Again showing why transparency and honesty (bravery to face bad experiences?) are crucial.

Seems like Mark Ruffalo and his face overacted a bit. Actors going full method is great… but for the more conspicuous mannerisms, I don’t think they needs to be (faithfully) overdone for the sake of outside audience.

To have one’s faith hit in the face like the grandma at the end… heart breaking.