Batman v Superman (2016)

20 Aug 2016

expected outcome

intense action


one joke about capes. and is the end scene with Lex a reference to silly job interview of monty python?

ironmountain has been “acting” that same way in all of the movies I’ve seen him in… is that his natural behavior? he should get his twitches checked out.

so superman survives nuclear explosion but not a stab through the heart (with no kryptonite) (unless he did not die with the earth shaking at the end). but at least particle physicists will be thrilled to study remains of the deformity.

two hours wasted just to make up a stupid reason for batman and superman fight each other for couple minutes… and why did Lex want to bring a monster into the world? just to kill superman? or he thought he could control it?

Speaking of which, I get more warning when I try to delete a file on my computer. and pretty sure most KNOWN dangerous acts requires some sort of hacking or at least sudo… who the hell programmed that “this is illegal and might destroy a planet do you want to continue?” “yes alright” come on even us silly humans put in more safety checks for nuclear weapons.

the pseudo-philosophical conversations were a real sore… when my (muslim) friend pointed out he’s using the same contradition of harsh reality vs benevolent omnipotent god I was saying the other day though, I questioned my sanity a little bit (coincidentally I just kept long hairs since the summer just like Lex…)