List of concepts that I would like to understand better

Updated 06/23/2016

In no particular order:

algebra, cats, AT, AG, reps, and mathematical physics...

  • (bousfield) localization
  • why every concept is Kan
  • A,E,L,H infinity algebras
  • Hilbert scheme of points
  • Syzygies
  • Koszul duality
  • Clifford algebra
  • singular supports, regular singularities, and other D-modules stuff that I know how to say but not what to think
  • (special) Lagrangians
  • Chern class etc.this helped
  • (Hyper) Kaehler and symplectic quotients
  • topos and motives
  • more Morse theory
  • chevalley groups => chevalley eilenberg complex => lie group cohomology
  • Fourier-Mukai
  • Mackey functors
  • Quivers
  • moduli problems
  • LS category and systole
  • pointless topology
  • (complete) (co-) Heyting algebra
  • GIT quotients
  • geometric mechanics
  • AS index theorem

Geometric Topology

  • Gauge theory for this purpose
  • mapping class groups, surface groups...
  • Dehn, torus surgery; handle slides ...
  • ((8 aspects of) Poincare) homology sphere
  • triangulation conj, (smooth) embeddabilities

Dynamics, analysis

  • discrete laplacian and discrete heat kernels
  • maneuverability
  • wavelets
  • harmonic analysis
  • calculus of variations and more functional analysis

Combinatorics, algorithms and other applied math

  • generating functions
  • actually coding of sorts (RadixSort, MergeSort esp.)
  • sheaf theory, topology and signal processing
  • homotopy continuation

Philosophy and other

  • post-structuralism
  • Bernhard Karlgren, a.k.a. 高本汉, old and middle Chinese
  • gleich, bald, später, nachher
  • gate gate paragate para-sam-gate bodhi svaha