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This page is as much of a status update as a personal agenda/reminder......

Updated 05/10/2016


Still working on the discrete 2d inverse spectral problem for/with Prof. Etienne Vouga and now also Prof. Keenan Crane. some preliminary results are here.

Very sad that the classes are over now. But will tag along Ernie's homotopy theory 'learning seminar' over the summer.

Readings (mildly hindered by a lack of UT library privileges)

Dynamics/Control/(bio)locomotion/Motion planning

still just exploring the literature


never gonna give May's super concise course up

still around chapter 2 of Adam's infinite loop spaces

intermittently reading Bott and Tu's forms in AT, Milnor's char classes and morse theory, cohomology operations, algebraic operads, the wild world of 4 mflds ...

Algebraic Geometry

maybe work some Shafarevich/Hartshorne again now equipped with BenZvi's 'basket'...

bits and pieces (mostly the chapter about Gröbner basis) of Eisenbud's Comm. Alg.

Viosin's Hodge theory as well as reviewing some of Higgs Bundle notes


reading about topological signal processing vs. sheaf cohomology

noncommutative geometry notes?

Daniel Chupin's undergrad thesis on heat kernel proof of the AS index theorem

continue Lieb & Seiringer's stability of matter in QM

review Freed's K-theory class, and also read more of Atiyah's book

review Gompf's 4-mfd class and his book, complementing with Akbulut's lecture notes. I will know how to Kirby calculus one day!

review notes and references from Gunningham's D-module class

get the point of pointless topology

keep on slogging thru the "What is" columns compilation and the Princeton Companion...

Also see a list of concepts to be tackled.


going to get clean/jerk/snatch down this summer. Also some boxing basics.

try to rigorously explain when are repetitions of simple K'nex angle joints planar

Learn España Cañí, Sting's the last ship, Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo, Radiohead's Street Spirit, and perfect ze Spanish Romance (cf. this performance).

restart regular piano practices

figure out how to work genus 2 Dehn twists to beat Teruaki

organize photos, finish the photography page, make an "album" on just the metal earth models...

keep hoarding facts from past Ig-noble prizes. this one is my favorite yet. I wonder how does hunger factor into decision making. I image it would stop inhibitors on impulsive actions?
Interestingly, my questions about a hair curling procedure led me to the pony tail dynamics Ig-noble prizes

A very long IMDb watch list (469 and counting...)

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