Chef (2014)

15 Aug 2014

silly humor

fresh perspective
cliché message

immersive atmosphere
fitting soundtrack

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)
some characters lacking development

untraceable (natural) acting


generic feel good comedy as another imdb-er said.

the part where chef went nuts at the reviewer is absolutely melodramatic theatrics. i thought he figured it out and was going to bring the food he made at home to him individually… i mean how to you expect other people to change their (even if shitty) opinion if you show no new evidence?!

how the fuck can the food critic sell his website for money? the website would worth shit if he left… I don’t get it.

that twitter sound annoyed me.

and why the fuck can’t the resturant add new items to the menu while keeping the good old customer favorites?????!!!!! and to the least changing the menu or making a small dish for a critic should be acceptable! horribly run business by the “owner”

good acting and all, except some characters are so out-of-place (ex-wife’s ex-husband, publicists etc.)