The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

19 Aug 2014

silly humor
physical comedy

empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective

immersive atmosphere

expected outcome
unacceptable suspense (developments predicted too early)
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)
exceptional suspense (developments not predicted)

untraceable (natural) acting


they just looked so pretty. 90210

hezel’s parents’ acting was quite fake/uncomfortable. but the same cannot be said for the protagonist(s).

very plasent cinematography, but not in the realm of “beautiful” yet.

do not understand the writer’s coming back for the funeral at all. The point of confusion is that if he had changed his mind, he could behave in much different ways during the delivery. Yet he still acted like an asshole. However, it’s just a freakin’ email, he can just forward it if he is still such a twat… I don’t know maybe he is still showing pitty by fulfilling gus’s final wish (without editing the letter I think) while being as confused about his life as I am (about his life).

I would give it 7.5 if I could.

so messages are: just be happy (ann frank’s haus); leave a mark not change the world…?

so “imperial affliction” is a fiction in a fiction. whoooooah