The Zero Theorem (2013)

21 Sep 2014

incorrect physics/sciences/engr

fresh perspective
did not get it
cliché message

immersive atmosphere
fitting soundtrack

unexpected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)
exceptional suspense (developments not predicted)
intricate storyline (what the fuck just happened? have to read elsewhere or re-watch)

realistic effects

untraceable (natural) acting


a bit of try-hard in being philosophical. to be vague to others is not understanding yourself.

singularity is unlikely to be the end of the universe based on current physics but oh well no one can know with 100% certainty.

the begining discription is a bit relatable. wanting to be different. but then I just feels like you should stop the movie and watch Sean Caroll’s talk and then go do physics/math or whatever (ideally if we don’t need to sustain life).

the question is really not developed in the film. and the intention of the call girl is bit cliche and weary.

claudiofpeixoto@imdb, a generic reasonable intepretation: “We were being shown how WE survive knowing about about it (nothing to nothing). We deceive ourselves, that how we do. We believe in God, some kill themselves, some work 14 hours a day so the can distract themselves, some do drugs, etc (this list can go on for a while). We do all kinds of things.”