Lucy (2014)

03 Oct 2014

fucking hilarious

incorrect physics/sciences/engr

fresh perspective
this is pointless (either I can’t find a point or I disagree whole-heartedly)
cliché message

beautiful scenes
fitting soundtrack

acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

intense action
realistic effects
epic effects

untraceable (natural) acting
noticeable acting


Morgan Freeman is the biggest porpurtrator of pseudoscience ever. He needs to stop propagating obvious and old-ass lies in movies.

The whole film is based on a very flawed scientific standing with retarderized professors and students and scientists. Could no one on the crew make a simple google search on the literature?

as someone else pointed out this is just “Kill Bill” meets “2001: A Space Odyssey.” if you are not a science person please just stop trying to explain how your magic work. you will fuck up. just give us a premise so that disbelief can be simply suspended (to be frank mine was kind of suspended after 30 minutes but that’s rare for me and only b/c of nice looking faces and shiney)

why don’t she just make everyone fall asleep (except the korean guy with chinese surname ofc left to die/be tortured or what not) in the last two fight scenes? She did that with so much ease at the police station.

the effects and shits are cool. tho many action scenes are way too holywood (like orchestra while first murder).

and the take out menu on the detention room wall at the beginning. omg. hilarious. I really hope it was on purpose (cuz that would make the movie makers smart rather than idiots and I like to think people are smart).

is the movie hinting that lucy started the human race? or did she just fucking simulated whole universe (strangely according to the theory based on general scientific consensus) in her computer and played with lucy da monkey?