This Side of the Truth (2009)

01 Feb 2015

silly humor
discremenating humor
physical comedy

empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective

expected outcome


This is much more fitting title than the meeky “the invention of lying”

it’s more like a world where people have no self control on TMI and too much audacity than unable to lie. Also, it is a very much so based on the current world where lying (and “selling”) is plenty; the world would most definitely not turn out that way if everyone cannot stop blabbering or if lying was impossible since recorded history (e.g. there would be no point in advertising unless your product is all good. and Windoze would certainly not be the common OS).

plus why is fiction impossible without lying? bullshit. all you need to do is to claim it is fiction. Fundamentally, fiction is the physical manifestation of imagition, which is also essential for all sorts of creation such as technological improvements…

the over-arching take/mock on origin and effects of religion/make-belief is interesting, but the story is most definitely not polished for a serious discussion.

“so the thermosphere?”

“pepsi, now available in afterlife” is clearly a lie in that they can’t know it.

why is the “priest” wearing a cross? ha!

louis C.K.’s line. man c’est la vie.

From the script: Mark is a caveman who just invented his penis. rofl