Hunger Games Mockingjay I (2014)

18 Feb 2015


how long is this set after the previous film? skeletons? you got some special weapons used on ground, or some especially vicious scavengers in the area…

so the capital has the power to retaliate your with twice the firepower than you can deliver to them? why aren’t they doing it now?

the rebel leaders … such politicians. disgusting (at least try to act with some dignity). zero difference in comparison to the capital leaders. maybe just a tad bit smarter in recognizing that fear tactic only work so well (but horray to the marshal law and strict rules!)

pretty ironic and silly seeing actors and actresses speaking how only the real deal can move people… they are essentially commenting how jlaw can’t be a good actor…

my god snow you are retard… are you a psycho or something? cuz you are a pretty bad leader. (i suppose it’s road to serfdom again.) (btw didn’t the rebel traped him last movie? why did they not kill him…)

wow what a failure on bomber design… gun range shorter than an arrow? why do you even approach low enough for a low value imprecise target?… and let’s ignore her inhuman aiming/arm strength

“can you tell everyone what you are seeing right now?…” omg this is so disgusting… too soon?

that propaganda has some shit high production value.

a digression: with all that money/investment in army and ss police… why not try to invest in your economy (i mean the production kind (1st and 2nd industry… not fashion)? pretty sure you can control your wealth better without giving people an excuse to rebel. (i mean that will probably make convincing people rebel violently is bad easier)

such pretty clean faces… goddamnit

the fuck is with saving a cat again? why does this plot sound so familiarly stupid?