Split (2017)

03 May 2017

empathy and sympathy

excellent camera work
immersive atmosphere

unacceptable suspense (developments predicted too early)
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)
exceptional suspense (developments not predicted)

intense action
realistic effects

noticeable acting


Seeing M’s name upfront before the start definitely decreased the level of enjoyment. Immediately makes my brain predict “i see dead people” type of twists, which turns out to be more or less the case. but I guess it’s cool that it stayed in the unbreakable universe.

the locker scene was a cheap scare.

near the very end when she discovers her ‘friends’ being ‘purified,’ the emotion on her faces somehow screams disingenuous to me.

also the mother yelling kevin’s the name scene feels unnecessary. Pretty sure normal audience could’ve guessed why that works as soon as the psychiatrist mentioned it, espcically after all the hints of child abuse on the girl’s side.

the psychiatrist’s behavior makes me worry/question even more about the whole discipline. Are they there to rehabilitate the patients or protect the society from the “non-normal”? because for the latter role, she performed in a rather inconsiderate way… she was over confident in her abilities, although you can’t blame her too much for believing a human body possessing a PHYSICAL limit.