Parasite (2019)

03 Feb 2020

silly humor
physical comedy

thought provoking thinking
empathy and sympathy

excellent camera work
immersive atmosphere

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

intense action

untraceable (natural) acting


Nitpicks: (1) it is intended that all the male lead’s plan is nearsighted and not considerate of his friendship of (arguably only) good mate that would in reality help lift his family out of poverty in the future?
(2) the teenage girl must’ve saw the entrance to the secret basement when helping the male lead. we were to assume she was in such shock that this detail was never recounted in court later?

The film definitely had a great start. The metaphor is so great it might as well be a simile. However, as the drama dramatizes, the charm gets lost (turning point is basically after the big reveal. Interesting that krystal and saagar frame the ensuing conflict as rich turning the poor against each other, while it is aboslutely an issue of lack of unity IMO). It was pointed out to me a comparison of this film with Joker. While this film is certainly more well constructed especially with an eye for asian aesthetics, in essence, both film are 衰世之言, pointing out some problems at an intermediate level without providing deep diagnoistics or proposal for solutions. It is in fact of interest now for me to study more on the class struggle in south korean society in the recent past, and see if indeed the social mobility ladder are narrowed down and axed. As a 2nd-generation almost middle class person (working class if you removes my parents’ hard work), it is in fact hard to fully subscribe to a complete disbelief in the system and a resorting to violence as a way of relief.