Her (2013)

09 Jan 2014

silly humor

incorrect physics/sciences/engr

fresh perspective
did not get it

immersive atmosphere
fitting soundtrack

unexpected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

realistic effects

noticible acting

overdone sexyness (horny)

the portrayed artificial intelligence is clearly not suitable for an operating system, however, dorkyness (anal-retentiveness) aside, such an AI
it seems to predict how personalized automated assitants would leave people more emotionally distant (even though, as someone on IMDB pointed out, people around responded quickly when the main character fell in running).
I personally held a different belief: if we can ever emulate intelligence, AI would not be used as automation tools. What we want artificial creations to do had been and will always be to relieve us from unwanted labor and pressure.
the level of narrow-minded-ness of the main character when he found out about his AI is in love with 641 (or such) people at the same time is astonishing to me. I did feel a moment of jealousy and sadness, yet the more curious fact to me is how similar human beings are to each other (maybe this is part of the message? we would all fall in love for the same person as long as she/he’s caring for us?) esp. given how the OSes are supposed to evolve around the clock with close to unique inputs from their owner’s personal life.
also did not understand the ending exactly. why did the OSes leave altogether?