Reasonable doubt (2014)

17 Jan 2014

cliché message

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted moments before)

noticeable acting

Are there actually any lawyers(DAs) that are stupid enough to drunk drive when discussing about possible puking?
the biggest flaw (and good) is that NO ONE would just take a bloody man on the road into his own van and drive to the hospital!!! if you think you are medical professional, you would probably start accessing the condition; either way the first most reasonable thing to do is to call 911. You can’t be sure that no one else called the ambulence already or if an ambulence is on the way! it’s a man’s life on the line and transporting a person in such critical condition without proper knowledge is clearly sub-optimal! Go watch some grey’s anatomy! So before the reveal, this obvious flaw make Davis clearly retarded yet never addressed in court; after the reveal, this obvious flaw is again ignored when the detective suspect Mitch was the serial murderer.

There’s only one fucking cop guarding a suspected serial murderer that get knocked out by a head-butt in the shoulder/ear?

reminds me a shit version of the Machinist (not)