Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966)

26 Jan 2014


empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective
did not get it

excellent camera work
immersive atmosphere
beautiful scenes

unexpected outcome
exceptional suspense (developments not predicted)
intricate storyline (what the fuck just happened? have to read elsewhere or re-watch)

untraceable (natural) acting

“hump the hostess”
As someone else pointed out on an IMDB discussion board, people whom never been exposed to such damaging relationships are unlikely able to get the message. Maybe I am too lucky to be born and thrive in functional families.
The moment when I sort of realized that the son was invented was strange. I could not grasp at all why is that the case (why is it necessary for them to invent such a thing) until I read on how this film is also trying depicting the childless families. I suppose I can understand a bit how the conflict of wanting a child, afraid or cannot bare one is.
The beginning (before it all turned dark and shit) had some funny scenes.