Bad Teacher (2011)

09 Feb 2014

silly humor
discremenating humor
physical comedy

fresh perspective
cliché message

unexpected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

untraceable (natural) acting

overdone sexiness (horny)

twas an interesting story. Has some funny parts, but the jokes are mostly sexual.

I guess you can see this film as a satire against the inadquacies of current us public school systems. Consider how the principal is retarded, standardized tests are so heavily weighted yet created by absolute idiots. And the fact that the only “good” teacher seems to be completely nuts in the film also bothers me a lot. All in all there is no lovable character in this film.
In addition, I also have a bit of problem with how she can get away with cheating on a test. So the film is not explicit on how she used the classified answer key, but the problem is that I seriously question her ability on educating the kids even with the prior knowledge on the test material without giving out explicit answers and instructions for memorization (just look at her throwing balls at kids until they gave a right answer… you can’t learn by getting hit in the face!) And shouldn’t the superindendent and the principal investigate the said accusations by talking to the students (both the drug use and the cheating) first? Everybody knows young kids are more likely to spill out the truth.