Snowpiercer (2013)

22 Mar 2014


incorrect physics/sciences/engr

fresh perspective
did not get it
cliché message

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

intense action

noticeable acting


The story is a complete farcical. But it’s not very enjoyable because there are many unwarranted assumptions and malodramatic acting/story.

Why the fuck would anyone spill weird shit made-up “cooling agents” so much the the world freezes? How can science fiction writers now a days have absolute no faith in the abilities of the scientific community?

Disregarding the issue about very existence of perpetual motion, even if you get a perpetual engine, why the FUCK would you use it to build a fucking train running on a way too long and dangerous track that is NOT maintained with adverse weather conditions all the time??? How can you keep the making of perpetual motion a trade secret? Where the fuck are the other scientists and engineers? How can NO ONE outside survives? It’s cold outside not hot, that’s a very easily solvable problem: well insulated transpart bunkers (like that train window)… i’m just gonna stop.

The very idea of population control in the sense executed by Gilliam and Wilford is absolutly absurd. What is the point of keeping the tail section people alive at all? They don’t produce products or services the the “paid” passangers anyway. (Of course later on it turns out that they need tiny children to become machine parts. Did Wilford predicted that so long ago? And how the fuck do you put the kid in? Even if you designed the parts with adquate space for whatever nonsense, do you stop the engine and then put the kid in? Then wouldn’t everyone knows that the train stops every time a part is broken?) And to talk about selection; a one-sided battle with unfair armor and weaponry is not at all comparable to natural selection. The majority of people are malnutritioned while others are not. And to think that you can use the “class” tension to motivate people from both side to fight, is very silly. I am deeply impressed by the brainwashing power of Wilford (how does he convince kids to work in the engine room? They are kids and they will fuck up).

And to think fear tactic like freeze people’s arm off is going to work, Wilford is really a piece of work.

WTF is with the night club riot? cuz they stole the drug?

And the dead guy who’s alive again. people seems to be very resilient on this train.

conveniently, we do not see where and how they are keeping the livestock

The train should have encountered the avalanche disaster like the one happened at the end way earlier if the outside world is as bad as they make it sound. The girl and kid don’t even look like they are cold when they finally went outside.

The only fun scene is when the kids are singing songs about how ways to die and when pregnant teacher pull out a gun under a basket full of eggs and starts shooting. It was absolute nuts but I like it.