Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

06 Jun 2014

incorrect physics/sciences/engr

cliché message

immersive atmosphere

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

intense action
realistic effects

untraceable (natural) acting


Groundhog Day + stupid/ridiculous premise (the classic alien invasion bullshit) - life lesson + cool action - humor - Bill Fuckin’ Murray - Phil + Cage - Rita + Rita
(btw, the original novel “all you need is kill” has a much better premise: the alien is here to mimic)

hands off to the ridiculous stupidity of not just using the device inside the general’s office and then suicide to kill the real omega (instead of trying to escape and then kill the real omega).

also the fact that they just kept going instead of attempting to get killed with alpha’s blood and start the searching process of omega all over again is very stupid.

the final happy ending is not consistent with the major’s previous experience or with the explaination of the physicist theory. sure the major died with the blood of the alpha at the very end, but if omega is not functional enough (got bombed) to reset the date, they would not return to the state when the major’s still alive. But if the omega is functional enough to reset the date, clearly omega itself would not be harmed back at the beginning of the day unless the omega somehow exists outside of all timelines, which would be BS.

Also the fact that the major woke up one last time actually at the beginning of that day does not make sense since every other time he woke up on the camp. Unless the reset is in fact 24 hours or something instead of going back to the beginning of the day. However, if it is indeed 24 hours, that opens up a huge bug since then if the major commit suicide as soon as he wakes up, he can reset time back to dinosaur era.

the only other explaination by cheating logic is that the Major obtained arbitrary time reset ability from omega’s blood.

moreover i never understood the general’s intention for sending the major as a private. he’s just evil?

and the omega is real stupid for not being able to distinguish human with alpha blood death vs. alpha death. Sure it make sense for it to not take any risks if the major (after gaining the blood) die in the battlefield, but the time when he died by being squashed by a truck should be really obvious for the omega to realize not to reset.