Banlieue 13 (2004)

07 Jun 2014

empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective
cliché message

excellent camera work
immersive atmosphere

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

intense action
realistic effects

untraceable (natural) acting


great action flick with semi-plausible premise and good message.

Totally called on the inevitable death of both the police station chief and Taha. For the Chief: that is just not a way to deal with shit in general. His action of giving the girl to Taha not only did not reduce much chance of him order open fire on the police (pretty sure Taha wouldn’t order that when he’s in power regardless of the situation. the Chief did not even bother studying the psychology and behavior pattern of the primary criminal leader of his area, go watch ‘the wire’ and then report back) but also clearly instigated a huge rage from the protagnist dude. You don’t (want to) start war on two fronts even if you are Hitler! For Taha: that is just not the way to treat your inferior when you are in the gang. In a criminal organization, the lack of education means that the boss is the only role model the little guys can see, and randomly killing people without even establishing the threat first (he only hesitate with K2, which is really retarded as you don’t want a linear leadership in a gang. 篡位 is most definitely the most frequent way of power exchange in gangsta world.) makes him unpredictable, untrustworthy, stupid, along with the lack of physical ability to establish his own leader image clearly destined his downfall.