Black Mirror (2011)

02 Sep 2014

thought provoking thinking

fresh perspective
cliché message

immersive atmosphere
fitting soundtrack

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

realistic effects


ok so i wasted my precious 3am/6am for this so I will write a few sentences for this tv show.

none of the issues (that I’ve seen so far) has fundamental relationship with science/technology. the technologies and the senarios themselves are not even probable in any future in my opinion.

1: I do not believe the public is going to behave like that. at least not the majority would be willing to open their eyes and watch with focus. that’s like saying people who search and watch 2 girls 1 cup willingly and happily are the majority. And the entire senario, the key point PM did not address is the credibility of the kidnapper. without a guarantee that the hostage is still alive and well, no one would fill up the ransom. and a single person crew kidnapped the only princess? very (unrealistically) skilled. [ and with the real majority not behave like that, the impect of social media would only be positive, with no down turn that happened in the sequence. and that fucking wife just forget about it and live on. the most you can do that is appectable after the fact is to refuse sexual activity, but no conversation in private at all?] Oh and here’s someone else’s similar opinion: historically speaking I can compare this era and the internet to the roman coliseum and the mob of those times.

2: this is an issue of conformity and self-interest and purpose of life in society. a system where people provide entertainment to make others support them is pretty interesting but won’t have any comparative advantage. that is the senario of dooming hedonistic Rome. and the Germans sure came right after. Also the only key technological culprit is that dopy neuro-drug. and that’s centry old (almost) technology.

3: oh bs. people reinact those things IRL right now without such “advanced recording technology.” if you lie for the sake of lying you will break at some point and truth would show up. and especially with have unease behaviors, suspicion needs no evidence. and you know the technology only did the good thing here - expediated the process of punching out the paper of lies. with a partner who keep making small lies until it is impossible, the relationship is doomed and should be destroyed ASAP anyway. (see scene in short cuts)

4: this is shit in comparison. that sara is really not helpful. you need to move on and accept the reality. and something like that is not possible without an AI, yet with an AI he will just be another person (simulation is not real).

5: this episode is some sick fuck shit. I know I’ve said that I agree with public torture, but not for others’ enjoyment! Now when “enjoy yourself” become the “most important” part for the audience, the tortue lost it’s “educational” and warning meaning completely. and with that memory inhibitor, you totally throw the punishment part of the torture out of the fucking 14th floor window into the goddamn ocean! what is the point of making one person suffer if he/she cannot even remember his/her sin clearly?! this is just simply introducing pain for nothing (but for some sick fucks’ laughter).

6: at this point it is just a bit sad… the original theme is completely lost. this show finally become nothing but a way the writer can express their worldly opinions. btw, jamie’s fear of mob “democracy” was a good point. the only reason why what depicte won’t happen is because 1) cynically, the current politicians would not allow such farcicles, and 2) the majority voters are “silent” and not retard/stupid radical. they might do vote irresponsibly but not to that extent.