Butter (2011)

09 Sep 2014

silly humor

fresh perspective
this is pointless (either I can’t find a point or I disagree whole-heartedly)
cliché message

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

untraceable (natural) acting
dramatic acting


what the fuck man. it’s a pretty generic but weird ass story. how is that fucking knife gonna help carve butter? what’s with not paying $600(for 1200 she’s lying right)? wtf happened to the daughter after the school/band scene? how is a melted face be that good without considering the background of the girl? [but it was totally predictable that it would happen, how generic is this break-in plot????!!!] Oh and what era is this in? no one bother to take a picture of the finished product until the judges came? the stepmom’s stupid for thinking a rematch would turn it to her favor. and that final hug thing is so uncomfortable and old.

and the girl is so politically correct/formal. I liked her until the speech. extraordinary as a child for consistently taking the high road

ridiculously orchestrated claims of cheating

the fair on the state level, what happened with that.

and the added on “NC” jokes are so fake and sad.

iowa stereotype