Before I Go To Sleep (2014)

08 Jan 2015


fresh perspective
this is pointless (either I can’t find a point or I disagree whole-heartedly)

immersive atmosphere

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

intense action

untraceable (natural) acting


mike nash, why would you have your name tag on? that’s not your scrub or anything. and since you are not bad then why would you not say my name is mike when she found out? that could go much smoother.

fake ben asks who are you calling. she says she was calling you. well, what’s my number? that’s a quick way to poke the lie apart.

fake ben cares not what chris does all day? how the fuck is that possible! even if he’s not an abductor, but just an annoyed/sad husband, he would care. not to mention she’s amnesiac.

and what did he think would happen bringing her back to the hotel?! it was so easy to reset everything with a fucking amnesiac. just fucking make up your version of the story the next day! how fucking hard is that!

but most troubling of all is why does he abductor her in the first place? true love from a psychopath? that just does not come together as true love would be a lot more guilt ridden while psychopath would probably be a lot less patient and wanted more (also just incapable of faking to be ben in the beginning).

and for the real ben not even visiting for four entire years… you are a absolute bastard as well.

and claire did not even attempt to point out the obvious problem of giving her the letter from ben who she claims is living with?

at least it was extremely unbelievable when fake ben said atom died of meningitis. that just is not a common enough killer disease in the first world.

so the point of the story? don’t cheat? don’t allow abusive/overpowered relationship? liers are indeed the bad guys? kinda obvious by themselves.

overall this is a tv movie level film. fake and bad intentional (mis)leads plus some foreshadowing mixed in with unreasonable twists and turns for no message of value.