Coherence (2013)

17 Jan 2015

fresh perspective


Horrific camera operation, significant amount of continuity and logical errors, but brilliant concept! would be fun to explore magnified (read: unrealistic) implications of all different schools of interpretations of quantum mechanics as sci-fi movies.

However, a crucial misconception is the mistake of equating probability and quantum uncertainties / superposition of states. Rolling a macroscopic dice is inherently deterministic. For example the microscopic discrepancies caused by quantum fluctuations in our body won’t get magnified because our existence is in of itself a very (relatively speaking) stable and low energy/entropy phenomenon. Nevertheless, for the sake of entertainment, we could just presume things like free will (brain making decision has a intrinsic quantum mechanical basis since we don’t know otherwise right now [yay naturalism]). So chances are that the dice rolls etc. would be different from others simply because the time line was altered by a different chain of cause and effect plus decisions.

the dice problem is poorly constructed. so the group of combined friends all decided to roll at the same time with their numbers on the back of the picture. moments later Em finds out that there is a page of number with name list in the current house. Now since presumably this house had got a different box from another house, those numbers should not match with what people just rolled unless by chance at all. even assuming that there are a total of two houses, the red numbers that Em remembers cannot be matched with what ppl just rolled except by chance because the red numbers are from the other house… Therefore she could not possibly reach her conclusion unless she’s coo-coo. The only way to make sense of this is that she was trying to ask about their numbers from a previous box instead of their allocated number (which might not make sense for Beth, Lee, Mike, Amir, Hugh since they have experienced a different chain of events, similarly for the item in the first box test).

the band-aid problem also does not add up. they gave Hugh band-aid after his return from the trip, which means that since clearly this new pair is not the pair who come in and left in secret, their band-aid status is irrelevant.


Now finally the time distortion problem. It seems that some house started the identification box process way earlier, otherwise Hugh and Amir could not possibly bring one to the original house that quickly. so many events are extremely unlikely/convenient. God in a Schrödinger’s box

And this ending is pretty unsatisfying. so she just by chance found a house that was never found by others at all and have no power outage until the very end? And how did the bathtub Em disappear?! did she escape without asking anyone’s help? (by the way Em, you suck at killing people. what’s will the mouth & nose cover to suffocate. have you never seen any police show?) but what the hell.