Attack the Block (2011)

19 Jan 2015

silly humor
physical comedy

fresh perspective

excellent camera work
immersive atmosphere

intense action
realistic effects


the subtle foreshadowing with the animal planet was cool…

Geez I can’t take it no more… woman you so weird and stupid. walking along at midnight new year’s eve with no means of self defense (it’s ok to not be able to protect yourself but it is completely different to be not prepared); run into a fucking gaoler cell voluntarily; acting like the shits and believing in man exploding dogs released by teenagers; walks out AFTER a fucking alien home invasion alone unarmed then suddenly become so SCARED that in a second start to seek asylum calmly…

that kid trapped in the dumpster, apparently safe from the alien, is completely unable to converse over the telephone. yet he seem rather composed (albeit with unsound reasoning e.g. dumpster is intact, no more alien scream, only been trapped for like 30 min max, no need for food or water, wasting phone credit, decide to make a break for it) later in a scene still talking nonsense to the phone. whythewhatandhow?

how in the world could ganster boss survive the elevator with others dead as a dead sheep? no alien body and he was in the front…

what about the children in britain… well regardless of the extremely undesirable situations and oppourtunities you have young imbecile, you are very lucky. you do not know the exact situation about Ghana but I suspect you don’t need to worry about clean drinking water or access to modern facilities or internet, cell phone, and speaking english as your first language. So STFU

I don’t care if this is going to be a problem in the future or not but why would you pass stuff to her after scanning for contaminants? do you have any sense in logistics?