Los cronocrímenes (2007)

12 Mar 2015

fresh perspective
cliché message

immersive atmosphere

intense action
realistic effects

untraceable (natural) acting

The main character is mostly unrelatable. risk thirsty but out of shape (mentally and physically), blind without a binocular, asshole property damager. also apparently feel no pain after stabbed (numerous usage of the stabbed arm throughout. I get that he probably is right handed, but anyone who got stabbed in the bicep with blood dripping down the hand in seconds would feel inconvenienced when operating things with that hand… none of which is shown.)

let’s just say that attacker is himself. [note from the future. yep]

also let’s calmly walk up a lighted path to an asylum in suspense. wtf. even if you don’t trust the guy on the walkie talkie, make up your god damn mind and commit to an action!

now this is absurd. just get in the tub according to a stranger. not convenient at all.

did you have a coin operated espresso machine at your home? (ok i see it’s not your home. you win) what is wrong with you seriously. and hiding in a house deemed unsafe earlier later does not sound safe.

dear, i can’t talk right now I have a coffee in my hand.

what cosmic force compels you to call? you just like to keep the status quo don’t you. good on you for not disrupting space-time continuity. plus even though you said no one else knows your home number, how can you be sure it was not just some random prank/telemarketing call? I got those all the fucking time.

let’s go that way
but i need your help
ok *walks faster and cuts ahead

nice nipple shot when he starts threatening.

did he fucking fell at the same place?

this is what i call the time lord in a machine genre

no I am a strong and independent woman. I’m not fat or unfit and I can climb out of that window

you see the problem with this entire endeavour is that every piece of the puzzle is very much so artificial and precise. nothing feels inevitable, which makes the whole movie like a farce.

so TIL do not be good-hearted, sexy, and biking in the country alone