Ex Machina (2015)

17 May 2015

thought provoking thinking
empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective

excellent camera work
immersive atmosphere
beautiful scenes
fitting soundtrack

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

intense action
realistic effects

untraceable (natural) acting

First thing first… the moment when the billionaire commented on how big search engines are mostly caring about what people think and look for instead of how people think. kudos.

the kid’s a self-righteous ungrateful son of a bitch (also psycho… what’s with the cutting … couldn’t ya feel your heartbeat or something instead to reassure yourself of your humanly position? [in chandler’s voice]). If I was put in his position, I believe I would communicate to him about the danger of a robot revolution due to his reckless handling of the update procedures. It really does seem like he is simply insecure and jealous.

what a great genius, no physical lock of any kind in your top secret house research center at all. with his access of the electronic world, I feel like he probably would be incredibly untrusting when comes to electronics, not the other way around. also kids, this is why you should not think like apple executives. functional before beauty.

the billionaire is a rather tragic and sympathy-worthy (not denying that he deserved it) character. he probably had to deal with his fair share of cut-throat. had to work with nda’s all the time. no friend to trust. can relieve his creative energy on making sex robots.

Although I am obligated to point out that this single dramatic (anti) hero construct is disgusting. To allure that some genius is able to do all this work alone in a secluded house is rather demeaning to the scientific community.

why would kid try to make billionaire drunk if he already disabled the locks? make no sense except for the m night shyamalan reveal.

didn’t he programmed all doors to open during power shut down? why is he locked up when everything turned to the orange “emergency shut down” setting? (also that’ not very nice of the billionaire to not give the guest key card ability to leave the house.)

and wtf pilot? just gonna let an unknown female leave without any questions when she could not possible provide proof that her returning instead of the kid is per the billionaire’s instruction (cus he dead)? pretty sure you should do what your employer commands instead. ofc there’s also the possibility that ava is a murdering maniac and just killed him and learned to fly helicopter in a second thru the internet.

also some of the nudity is most definitely unnecessary. it just distracts. and so is the “japanese” robot completely “retarded” or not? she starts to peal off her skin for no fucking reason, which seem to indicate some independent reasoning, but she is clearly unable to think for herself in the previous showings and the killing scene (looked like she just received instructions from ava).

the performance is p good. and no obvious butchering of the sciences is alright. it’s funny how hollywood again was able to turn some AI intense story into the ordinary suspense sabotage spy (key cards… man!) plot.

finally, it is also interesting that per the movie’s explanation of ava’s origin, the director/screenwriters is hinting she should represent the global ethos of humanity.