Star Wars TFA (2015)

24 Dec 2015

silly humor
physical comedy

cliché message
multiple good interpretations

excellent camera work
immersive atmosphere

acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)

intense action

untraceable (natural) acting


So I’m traumatized by the death of my colleague but I am just gonna go ahead and shoot up the station full of other unfortunate soldiers. I guess it is a step up from pulling triggers on innocent villagers and there’s a need for a pilot, but come on! why not defect during a mission? you would have a huge diversion sitting right there.

that “yeah” after shooting down the cannon just feels so out of place

I felt like that soldier is unstable enough to remember this long name string but yolo just not going to say anything until shit goes south. is he trying to play politics over the general person?

don’t you dare questioning my method of cloning/programming/training that is clearly ineffective.

robot: you are pretty I am following you.
Finn: you are pretty let me hold your hand.
feminazi: …

me so angry fuck this super expensive (navigation?) control panel that might be vital in keeping the ship afloat… and a girl? how can a girl get in the way?
somebody needs a visit from HR.

and now I’m ok with using chemical weapons to protect myself.

tentacles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

ok if you just simply wanted to escape from the first order, maybe you should not have betrayed them and commit high treason in the first place, especially not after you meet Han freakin solo!

in light of collegehumor’s comparison of the demise of death star versus 9/11 (and other people’s treatment of Luke’s journey as that of radicalization by a religious cult called “the force”), the dark side blowing up more and more planets is only going to help Al Qaeda and ISIS … cough I mean the resistance recruit more easily by creating more refugees dissidents and other homeless population. Domination is a two-way trick, you can’t really force it down people’s throat.

finally up to hand to hand bloody combat. the form of fight that (arguably) require most guts.

oh come on he’s a traitor so perfect time to kill him by overpowering him with superior weaponry! see what you get by trying to be a “fair” fighter? killed by someone else hiding with a crossbow!

too bad the stormtroopers lost they best shooter to the resistance… single hand 180 no scope for the win!

see one thing I never get is when enemy spaceships taking off but couldn’t engage in combat. like nobody in the weapon designs thought about arming ships with close range weapons? your target is literally in front of you screaming and the only thing you can do is lift off? that feeling gotta hurt.

I see so this movie is really a more reasonable version of the blowing up death star skit.

cold chubacca was funny

why would the robot guy lower the shield? clearly nobody on the dark side is getting paid enough

suddenly the girl’s forest light saber fighting visions makes sense. she just has seen the trailer before the movie is all.

see the force competition from a mile away. I mean she’s dressed appropriately for a jedi. dress for the job you want amirite

han’s son really should have used his teleportation skill used to jump from the walkaway to the center of the forest to win the fight and avoid dehandation (or whatever the correct madeup nerdy name it is)

chubacca could fly it all by himself all along?

bravo for jub jub and lack of lens flare