Hawaii, Olso (2004)

09 Jan 2016

empathy and sympathy

cliché message

immersive atmosphere
beautiful scenes

unexpected outcome
unacceptable suspense (developments predicted too early)
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)
some characters lacking development

untraceable (natural) acting


this is the story of the norwegian jesus.

it was pretty obvious way early on that the accident is still going to happen but later.

the ending is quite disappointing. was expecting it to go feel-good route, but not this m-night shack-ma-long twist. especially since they used the “old” leon getting crashed scenes. I suppose one could argue “oh that’s still in norwegian jesus’s imagination” but I am just going to say that’s a cheap-ass plot twist.

money goes to the sick-baby’s dad is too god-in-a-machine like. also since he was in the bank during the robbery (contemplating one himself I believe?) he should’ve remember it was in a red plastic bag. why keep the bag all the way to the hospital?

I image the driver is still going to get suspended. and could the ambulence get to the airport on-time with the replacement accident? plus leon’s gonna get involved eventually since he lost the money. your work still needs improvement norwegian jesus.

the whole baby needs operation ordeal is a good pitch for why crowdfunding/microfinances. can you imagine in today’s world and he starts a kickstarter campaign? also although it is “reasonable” that the bank denied him a loan based on “credit,” it seems unlikely to me that the hospital in US would refuse the operation purely based on lack of funds. As long as he has a source of income, lives in a welfare country like norway, pretty sure you can count on him paying back for saving his son.

the story of the mother of the boy is not very clear. why did she leave initially?

also norwegian jesus just shows up like wherever he wants all over the place.

dig those kaleidoscope scene transitions (and the light at the very end) though. (really good trailer.)

“you are not who you say you are.”
“neither do you.”

  • a conversation between norwegian jesus and black mary