Psychohydrography (2010)

13 Jan 2016


fresh perspective

beautiful scenes
transcendent use of color and/or shadow


This is definitely a very interesting experiment. Now I want one for the carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle as well! Speaking of which, it was some disappointment for not hearing a hint of thunder or something at the end to finish the cycle.

Overall, it failed to really engage. Without the full body experience, it feels incomplete: I cannot take in the moisture, the temperature, the wild wind, the fresh air, the factory smell, or the dirty bacteria culture.
Maybe full hour long movie is just not the correct medium for this material. Despite the lovely pumpjacks looking like nodding puppies and the silouettes’ of goose/swan, there are definitely scenes that could be cut (shorter).
In fact I think it would make a great Mateusz Skutnik’s (where’s 2015) style of point-n-click adventures! which would give the audience a natural control of advancement and regression, as well as an element of exploration.

And for auditory complements, I tried Wagner’s Parsifal as well as Händel’s Water Music. It worked quite well (that is without my flatmate’s freaking shower bass of course)! Maybe if I’m more literate in opera there are even more suitable choices (some production about Odyssey?)…

[Now combining the above two paragraphs, I have an idea of making a short focusing on a person waking up one day, hearing this unstoppable track of some incomprehensible (to him/her) opera, decided to follow the direction of where the sound come from and ended up going through a similar adventure of finding small details in a path and eventually reaching some interesting destination (ocean would still do). same silent style, time lapse ish focus, and third-person composition. like a purposed visual travel log. Actually I should try to do this with my next outdoor adventure.]

only had to go to the loo once despite the prominence of running water noises.

wish I could’ve done something similar while I was in Tibet.