The Big Short (2015)

26 Mar 2016

secrets of life
thought provoking thinking
emotional resonance
empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective

untraceable (natural) acting


Ben (Brad Pitt) explaining why he hates banking exactly parallels my “despise” of the middleman and the financial industry.

and as Mark (Steve Carrell) said at the end, they are all the same. Although the shorters are not responsible for the crush, they are certainly not moral. They spend their time and energy on profiting instead of using their foresights to help the unwillingly ignorant (the real suffering working people) realize what they are getting themselves into (as much as they could’ve).

these events shows why power is attractive. the banks were able to do those shady things to save their asses and count on bail outs because of their power. the good ol’ “too big to fail.” (speaking of which, Bailout scoreboard is cool.)

the jargon-explaining cut scenes seemed artificial and condescending. maybe that’s what Ryan Gosling’s character’s narration would sound like, but no thanks. the moments of truth mentioned above and when Mark talk about how the first thing he offered his brother was money were very well done.