Room (2015)

13 Aug 2016


empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective

excellent camera work
immersive atmosphere


What kind of dimwit question like “did you think to give Jack a normal childhool” by leaving him alone at say a hospital by a psychopathic dildo? Don’t act like we live in a utopia, plenty of kids living in the system have very abusive childhood and it is absolutely a gamble. Plus you don’t even know if the baby can/will survive being left at some random place. (Although without knowing whether Ol’Nick had a partner in crime, keeping a baby could’ve raise a lot more suspicion. The real Jaycee Dugard tragedy kinda don’t have this problem because the evil wife who’s a nurse/therapist.)

it’s time like this that I question myself if I am sociopathic at all… somehow despite the tragedy I did not find any particular moving moment from this film. Maybe it’s because the acting tipping off my brain somehow this is not “based on a true story”…. or maybe it’s such tragic a scenario that my brain turns off empathy and go full analytical in self-defense?