I am not a Serial Killer (2016)

18 Aug 2016

silly humor
physical comedy

thought provoking thinking
empathy and sympathy

fresh perspective

excellent camera work
immersive atmosphere
beautiful scenes

acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)
exceptional suspense (developments not predicted)

intense action
realistic effects

untraceable (natural) acting

Missed the SXSW premiere due to volunteering, finally caught it here at USC for free. :P

For a while now I have (I suppose now prematurly) conditioned myself to react strongly against what I called the “hollywood” twist (c.f. “Interstellar”), where elaborate story to the end you get love is/explains/beats everything. This film confuses me to reconsider my position. The “alien” suicide twist of love trumps all does seem to work naturally and the film itself have enough freshness to break away from bordom. He really was not a serial killer because of his love.

So the “alien” briefly mentions something like he killed the psychiatrist (as a retaliation to the kid’s stopping him prolonging his love affair) because of the psychiatrist’s late night rendez-vous with the kid, which seems to indicate that he long recognized his foe to be the kid since the phone call (as he should). Then the question is why did he not go for the kid’s mother straight? b/c of the difficulty of the crime (e.g. the kid is home, his loved wife knows the family/harder to cover-up)? or maybe it’s just simply that he’s not mad enough yet?

The “dream sequence” of woman getting killed crossing the street was a great red herring on tricking me to think maybe witnessing the murders are just a fabric of the troubled teen’s imagination.

nice shot with the stained glass windchime.