Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

18 Sep 2016

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Why do some scriptwriters feel the urge to tear an otherwise authentic story into pieces? How can anyone (without hearing disabilities) not know the difference between ‘good’ (approximately in tune, in tempo, and no fucking screaming) and ‘bad’ singing to that extent? You can’t possibly shelter all criticisms from someone who can’t sing because they would themselves have doubts as long as they can hear themselves and ones who could do MUCH better!

IRL, Florence Foster Jenkins knew (the critisisms about how) she “can’t sing” but carried on anyway. Is such a character too delusional and eccentric for blockbuster movies? I say not; her life is not a complete smooth sailing and if she is lucky enough to make a name of herself AND there exist people who genuinely appreciate her performances (be it for mockery or comedy or just emotional support) then so be it! She’s not using her inheritance to impart negative efforts onto the world (no one forces you to be at her concerts or clubs), unlike certain someone running for something, and I have no problem with such behavior. [Also annoying, apparently McMoon knew her and there was never an audition. Now that makes a lot more sense.]

On a completely related note, syphillis mercuric/arsenic compounds are no joke.