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This page is as much of a status update as a personal agenda/reminder......

Updated 08/22/2016


I am the TA for AME 310 Thermodynamics. My Office Hours are Wed 12-2pm and Thu 10-11am. The discussion section will be Wed 5-6pm.

Supervised by/joint with Prof. Etienne Vouga and Prof. Keenan Crane, the discrete inverse spectral problem on closed g=0 surfaces. We have had some good preliminary results for simplicial meshes but now we are trying things "mesh-free" in the spherical harmonic basis. Project page is here.

Readings (I hope USC library has a good selection)

Dynamics/Control/(bio)locomotion/Motion planning

Waiting for directives to explore more literature

For Leisure (e.g. pure math)

Riemann Zeta Function by Edwards

maybe will have to give up May's super concise course eventually

of course still intermittently on Adam's infinite loop spaces, Bott and Tu's forms in AT, Milnor's char classes and morse theory, cohomology operations, algebraic operads, the wild world of 4 mflds ...

will revisit summer AG seminar notes/Vakil/Shafarevich/Hartshorne if I get free time. Would like to retain BenZvi's 'basket' as long as possible...

bits and pieces (mostly the chapter about Gröbner basis) of Eisenbud's Comm. Alg.

Viosin's Hodge theory and reviewing some of Higgs Bundle notes

sheaf cohomology in topological signal processing

noncommutative geometry

Daniel Chupin's heat kernel AS index thesis

K-theory: Freed's class note and Antiyah's book and Quillen's side of the story

I really want to get to know 4-mflds better. Gompf's book, notes, and that of Akbulut's. Kirby calculus will be conquered

get the point of pointless topology

Lieb & Seiringer's stability of matter in QM

"What is" columns and the Princeton Companion are now officially my bedtime stories...

Also see a list of concepts to be tackled.


Will show up regularly to DTLAW for olympic liftings (took me a summer to learn clean&jerk but seems to have gotten the basic snatch down during 1 free lesson) and keep up powerlifting basics at Lyon. Maybe will join the USC boxing/climbing clubs here later.

try to rigorously explain when are repetitions of simple K'nex angle joints planar

Musical instruments are on a pause. Need to find used guitar and places to practice piano ASAP

A very long IMDb watch list (now it's 500+ after a summer of MUBI... HOW?!) Not to mention free screenings on campus. so probably should pause MUBI for now.

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