Divergent (2014)

23 Jun 2014

silly humor

fresh perspective
this is pointless (either I can’t find a point or I disagree whole-heartedly)

immersive atmosphere

expected outcome
acceptable suspense (developments predicted minutes before)
some characters lacking development

intense action
realistic effects

noticeable acting


the adaptation of the movie is not too bad at all, but the original story is shit. like what the fuck is with this faction by virtue bullshit? there are surly a bit congenital aspects of those human characters but by and large a person’s value/virtue is by one’s own choice and training. And who the fuck would want to give up certain virtue and persue a single one? and how the fuck can you be good farmer, social worker, police without fucking intelligence!!!! absolutely retarded. and how does that bring peace when you create a bunch of factionless second-class citizens and incite class-warfare? do they not work at all? then where the fuck did you get all that extra supplies? and fucking crazy brutes as police? are you fucking out of your fucking mind? they barely make alright military with the super tight submission and control that COMPLETELY GOES AGAINST THERE SUPPOSED VIRTUE! did you even know why the president (civilian) is the commander-in-chief for US? and fucking “erudite” do power struggle bullshit? what the actual fuck… that’s like suggesting all the professors in the world decide to (or at least consent) to uphold dictatorship and nuke everyone else - absolutely going to happen NEVER! no self-awareness at all and how can that bring you intelligence!

the library scene is as awkward/badly acted as I remembered from promotion (on Conan methinks?)

tobias’ father was not fully developed character per film depiction.

also come with lessons for young adults: don’t not forgive your peer or they will kill themselves, etc.