Perverts's guide to ideology (2012)

13 Jan 2016

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It is as illuminating as any usual Zizek lecture combined with some good cinematic references.

Of course as with all his work, especially since ideology is of primary concern here, Zizek’s marxists’ lens must be distinguished from the real meaty observations (esp. near the ending). Of course I also need to notice my own conservative viewpoints’ (esp. w.r.t. hierachies) influences.

Some new viewpoints formed here:

1) I as though felt a better understanding of violence/terrorism/revolts in general. summarizing Zizek’s arguments mixed in with experiences of my own random fits and tantrums, it is clear to me now that violence is a direct product of impotency. Usually started from some physical conflict, when one feels confident to tackle it, we would attempt some rational method for a resolution. But if left feeling unabled and useless, violence become the only way of expression. (For a fun example, recall all the times that I smash my keyboards due to feeling wronged by Duolingo’s voice recognition grading system. For other examples, consider every social revolt and violent act ever.)

2) this evil, the cause of violence, the feeling of impotency, “paradoxically” requires “divinity” to function. This is closely related to Hayek’s (and a bunch of other people’s) condemniation of totalitarism, which is the problem of 为达目的不择手段. The divinity, or more accurately a conviction of knowing (parts of) THE truth, gives people excuses for amoral acts.

3) we may not know THE truth, but we shall not panic and force a rationalization, a meaning to our lives. (I guess this is not that new to me. But of course I will always keep Sean Carroll’s comments on naturalism close to my heart. Any purpose compatiable with physics is admissible. and any purpose compatiable with our morals is reasonable.)

4) his analysis about our desires and dreams w.r.t. Seconds. He regreted his new life b/c it was formed from his dream, yet our dream is precisely not what we really desire, it is the desire of our ideologies and our societies. We shall constantly work on our dreams to adjust our life paths.

5) films, and in fact IMO life itself, is truly a “pervert’s” art form. It does not give us what we desire, but teaches us how to desire.

He’s commentaries on christianity got confusing since I’ve never even attempted to read the bible and its derivatives. maybe next time.